About Us

WHMO is an Afghan based NGO, which specializes in the coordination and development of projects for civil society trainings and human rights through local Media. WHMO increases public awareness on women’s fundamental rights and political participation. WHMO was established in 2010 with its aim to raise awareness of civil, political, cultural and economical rights through workshops and seminars by disseminating information through local radios, Televisions and printed press. WHMO has extensive experience within the field of Media and communication through:

A local Media awareness program
Capacity building
Extensive radio broadcasting partners
Electronic monitoring systems of local radio stations
Good governance
Women Empowerment
Accountability and transparency Corruption

Our Mission

To create an environment in which men and women are able to improve their standards of living through equitable and sustainable use of resources. To improve service delivery of public sector institutions and non-profit sector by building their institutional capacity so as to facilitate the process of long term development in Afghanistan. To support the development of a strong, viable and pluralistic civil society in post constitution Afghanistan;

Our Vision

WHMO vision of an Afghanistan, where all the population live with improved livelihood, social justice, integrity and prosperity, where human Rights and women rights are recognized, uphold and respected, with active citizen role in determining the values, direction and governance of their communities and country for the benefits of all.

Our Values

An essential part of its mandate, WHMO core values are based on social justice, commitment, openness, accountability, transparency and respect to all segments of society without prejudice to gender, caste, religion, language and ethnic considerations


Due to over twenty years of devastating conflict, Afghanistan has experienced severe economic, political, and social instability. The events of September 11 in 2001 once again returned Afghanistan to international attention and subsequent intervention, the consequences of which were the removal of the Taliban Government, the installation of a national interim government and the implementation of a post-conflict recovery plan by the international community.

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